Business Owners

What keeps you awake? Who helps you manage your financial well-being?
Let’s take action and build your financial future together!


What keeps you awake at night? Do you have a succession plan? What do you want the future to hold for your business? Are you planning in a few years to retire? Do you know the true value of your business? Wise Financial is here to guide you through all of these questions and towards your most incredible visions for the future. As a business owner, your expertise is your strength and foundation.

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This focus drives your growth and sets your business apart. We work with business owners throughout all stages of the business life cycle. We will provide expert advice, strategies, and make recommendations based on your priorities. Our team of financial professionals are well equipped and understand the unique challenges that lies ahead for you. We understand the business structure, culture, and growth pains no matter if your company is worth $1,000 to $10million.

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We help to have you evaluate the current value of your business, the structure for the future, and strategies for protecting the company you’ve invested your life building. Our talented team of financial professionals are diverse in experience from a CPA with over 20 years of experience to an MBA to assist with values of your business.

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Most importantly, at Wise Financial, we take a unique approach to our planning tailored around "YOU", our client.

Different stages of the business-cycle are:

  • Start-Up: Identify goals, protect your ability to do business, and attract the best talent.
  • Growth: Learn ways to enhance your benefit programs, retain key employees, and plan for succession.
  • Maturity: Explore strategies and visions for the future of your business.
  • Transfer: Options to sell or transition your business, and create a lasting legacy.
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